Privacy Policy

At Bet Andreas, commitment to the safeguarding of your privacy and the assurance of the highest level of security for the personal information you provide are of paramount importance. This privacy policy has been designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the procedures governing the collection, utilization, and protection of information shared.

Information Collection

In the pursuit of delivering an exceptional experience and fulfilling the mission of providing exhaustive game guides and unbiased, intricate casino reviews for various platforms, there is a need to gather specific data.

The specifics and rationale behind the data collection will be elucidated at the juncture when such information is required. Below is an overview of the information that may be requested from Bangladeshi users:

  • Full name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Gender;
  • Email Address;
  • Location.

Utilization of Information

The information gathered serves several pivotal purposes, encompassing:

1. Communication: In the event of users’ outreach or subscription to the services, contact details facilitate seamless communication, enabling efficient customer support when necessary.

2. Personalization: Leveraging the data accumulated, there is the capacity to personalize and enrich user interaction with the website. This enables the recommendation of relevant casino platforms, games, or applications tailored to user preferences and interests.

3. Data Analysis: User data undergoes meticulous scrutiny to glean insights into inclinations, prevailing trends, and usage patterns. This data-driven approach empowers the introduction of novel features aimed at enhancing the website and aligning it with the evolving needs of the user base.

4. Research Endeavors: The information amassed is instrumental in conducting extensive research endeavors. This undertaking is geared towards deepening the comprehension of the online casino industry, identifying emerging trends, and disseminating pertinent insights and reports.

It is paramount to underscore an unwavering commitment to the security and confidentiality of user information. To this end, state-of-the-art encryption systems are employed to fortify the protection of data.


Cookies constitute a pivotal facet of the website’s functionality. These diminutive packets of data, stored on user devices, encapsulate information pertaining to frequent page visits and other site-related activities.

The integration of cookies empowers the fine-tuning of offerings to cater to user preferences. By facilitating the recollection of settings and preferences, cookies enable the tailoring of the website to individual taste. Furthermore, cookies furnish vital insights into interactions with the platform, streamlining the capacity to implement personalized modifications.


The entitlement exists to share the information held, which includes personal data and betting history, with relevant entities such as regulatory bodies, sporting organizations, and law enforcement agencies like the police. This sharing serves the purpose of conducting investigations into matters concerning fraud and money laundering, thereby upholding the principles of transparency and security within the gaming industry.


Stringent measures will be taken as mandated by applicable laws to ensure the accurate recording and secure maintenance of the personal information that is collected. All personal information will be appropriately disposed of when it is no longer necessary to retain it or when required by law.

It should be noted that the security of any information transmitted over the Internet is not guaranteed. Any data transmitted is done so at the individual’s own risk. However, once such transmissions are received, reasonable steps will be undertaken to safeguard personal information against misuse, loss, or unauthorized access, in alignment with the commitment to data protection.

Advertising Partners

At Bet Andreas, collaboration with advertising partners is integral to supporting and enhancing the services available on the website. These strategic alliances empower the platform to deliver valuable content and a range of services to users at no cost.

Through partnerships with these companies, the platform expands its capabilities to provide a diverse array of content, resources, and services. This collaborative effort allows the delivery of advertisements, promotions, and recommendations that are closely aligned with the interests and requirements of the platform’s users.

Privacy Policies of Advertising Partners

Key points to bear in mind concerning the advertising partners are as follows:

1. Cookies and Web Beacons: The partners may employ cookies and web beacons to gather specific insights into users’ browsing behavior and preferences. These tools enable them to furnish targeted advertisements tailored to users’ interests, enhancing the efficacy of their advertising initiatives.

2. Third-Party Privacy Policies: Each partner upholds its own privacy policy that governs the collection, utilization, and disclosure of user data. Understanding how they manage sensitive information can be achieved by reviewing their individual privacy policies.

3. Opt-Out Choices: Should users wish to opt out of targeted advertising or gain a deeper understanding of how to manage their preferences, it is recommended to visit the respective websites of the advertising partners.

It is important to note that the platform does not exercise direct control over the cookies or web beacons utilized by the partners. Nevertheless, the platform is dedicated to collaborating exclusively with reputable companies that prioritize the safeguarding of user data and adhere to pertinent privacy laws and regulations.

Data Retention Timeframes

The duration for which user data is retained is organized into several categories, contingent upon its nature. These categories encompass:

1. Data Essential for Website Functionality: The platform retains data necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the website on users’ devices, which may encompass device settings.

2. Legally Mandated Data: In compliance with legal obligations, certain data must be retained indefinitely, in accordance with relevant legal requirements.

3. Data Enhancing User Experience: Information gathered over time, based on users’ interactions with the website, aids in continually tailoring offerings to align with individual preferences.

Once the requisite obligations associated with user information have been fulfilled, the platform proceeds to remove it. This applies specifically to details that do not directly impact the user experience.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Please be aware that any alterations to the Privacy Policy, if deemed necessary in the future, will be prominently displayed on the Privacy Policy page. The revisions will come into effect immediately upon the publication of the updated Privacy Policy.

Anti-money laundering/combating the financing of terrorism

Bet Andreas Betting Company is unwavering in its dedication to executing comprehensive measures aimed at combating money laundering and the financing of international terrorism, as delineated in the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy. The company maintains a steadfast stance against all forms of illicit activities and is resolute in its mission to prevent them.

In line with these obligations, Bet Andreas Betting Company is under a legal obligation to promptly alert competent authorities should there be any reasonable suspicion that the funds deposited by a user into their account have any connections to unlawful activities or the financing of terrorism. Furthermore, the company is compelled to freeze such funds and undertake all necessary actions as mandated by the provisions outlined in the AML policy.

This commitment is integral to fostering a secure and ethical betting environment, and it underscores unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and regulatory compliance within the operations of the company.

Upon opening an account, you commit to adhering to the following responsibilities:

1. You acknowledge your obligation to adhere to all pertinent laws and regulations related to the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism, inclusive of compliance with the АМL Policy.

2. You affirm that you possess no knowledge or suspicions concerning the origin of funds used for past, present, or future deposits, and that these funds are untainted by any illegal sources or connections to the unlawful legitimization of illicitly acquired income. Such activities, which are proscribed by applicable laws or the directives of international organizations, should have no bearing on your deposits.

3. You consent to promptly provide any information that is deemed necessary in accordance with the requirements stipulated by applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the prevention of money laundering.

4. The company is responsible for the collection and retention of the user’s passport or other forms of identification, in addition to reporting any modifications made to the user’s account.

5. The company actively monitors any suspicious activities occurring within the user’s account, as well as transactions executed under specific circumstances.

6. The company reserves the right to suspend a user’s account at any juncture if there are reasonable grounds to suspect any involvement in money laundering or illicit activities. In accordance with international law, the company is not obligated to inform the user of such suspicions or any transmission of relevant information to competent authorities.

7. In alignment with the internal AML procedures, the company conducts initial and ongoing identity verification procedures commensurate with the level of risk associated with each user.

8. The company may request minimal information to establish your identity.

9. Comprehensive records are maintained by the company, documenting all user data and identification processes, including the methods employed and the outcomes of verification procedures.

10. The company cross-references your personal data with lists of individuals suspected of terrorism, as compiled by authorized state and independent entities. The fundamental identification data includes the user’s full name, date of birth (for individuals), residential address, or registered address.