Responsible Gaming

Policy for minors

If you are under 18, please do not attempt to register an account with BetAndreas.

As a socially responsible operator, Bet Andreas employs an Over 18 Policy and is committed to preventing underage gambling. Verification checks are conducted on BetAndreas customers, so if you register an account, please do not be offended in the event that you can be asked for proof of age and identity.

Maintaining Self-Control: A Self-Assessment Guide

A set of self-assessment questions is compiled to help you evaluate whether your gambling habits might be spiraling out of control, leading to excessive spending of both time and money. These questions are designed to shed light on your relationship with gambling and its potential impact on your lifeЖ

External Feedback: Have you ever received criticism from others about your gambling habits? Are people close to you expressing concern?

Honesty and Secrecy: Have you ever felt the need to lie to hide the extent of your gambling activities, whether it’s the amount of money you’ve spent or the time you’ve dedicated to gambling?

Emotional Triggers: Do arguments, disappointments, or frustrations in your life often drive you to seek solace in gambling?

Isolation: Do you find yourself gambling alone for extended periods, distancing yourself from social interactions?

Work Interference: Have you skipped work or neglected your responsibilities to indulge in gambling activities?

Escapism: Is gambling a way for you to escape from a mundane or unhappy life?

Financial Priorities: Are you hesitant to use your money for anything other than gambling, even if it’s for important expenses or commitments?

Neglecting Relationships and Interests: Have you lost interest in spending time with family, friends, or engaging in activities you once enjoyed due to gambling?

Chasing Losses: After experiencing losses, do you feel compelled to try and recoup those losses quickly through more gambling?

Desperation After Losing: When you run out of money during a gambling session, do you experience feelings of despair and urgency to gamble again as soon as possible?

Financial Depletion: Do you continue gambling until you’ve exhausted all your financial resources?

Unethical Behavior: Have you resorted to lying, stealing, or borrowing money to fund your gambling habits or repay gambling-related debts?

Emotional Well-being: Do you find yourself feeling depressed or anxious because of your gambling activities? 

Promoting Responsible Gambling: 7 Tips to Keep You in Control

Whether you indulge in gambling from the comfort of your own home, on your mobile device, at a local casino, bingo hall, or any other gambling venue, it’s crucial to adopt responsible gambling practices. This comprehensive set of tips outlined below is designed to minimize the risk of developing gambling-related problems.

Establish and Adhere to a Budget: Setting a budget is a fundamental step in responsible gambling. Determine the amount of money you’re comfortable allocating to gambling on a weekly or monthly basis and commit to staying within that financial limit.

Avoid Chasing Losses: Resist the temptation to recoup losses by increasing your gambling activity. Attempting to recover losses often leads to further financial setbacks.

Take Breaks and Self-Reflect: If you notice yourself exceeding your intended gambling limits or experiencing heightened stress and anxiety due to gambling, it’s essential to step back. Taking a temporary break, lasting a few days or even a week, can help you regain perspective and reset your gambling habits. For more extended periods of self-exclusion, consider utilizing gambling exclusion services to safeguard your well-being.

Understanding the Odds: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the odds associated with your gambling activities. Recognize that the odds of winning are typically stacked against you, so it’s vital to approach gambling with realistic expectations. Explore informative resources such as those guides on sports betting and slots to make informed decisions and minimize risks.

Emotional Stability: Gambling while in a state of heightened emotion, such as anger, sadness, or stress, can lead to impulsive and unwise choices. To ensure responsible gambling, wait until you’ve regained emotional equilibrium before participating.

Stay Sober: Avoid gambling when under the influence of alcohol or any other substances, whether prescription medications or recreational drugs. These substances alter your cognitive state and increase the likelihood of taking unnecessary risks. Wait until you’re sober and thinking clearly before engaging in gambling activities.

Seek Support if Needed: If you find yourself grappling with gambling-related challenges, don’t hesitate to seek help. Many countries with legalized gambling provide a range of organizations and services dedicated to assisting individuals with gambling problems or those at risk of developing them. These resources offer valuable support and guidance to help you regain control over your gambling habits.

Responsible gambling is a commitment to enjoying the activity in a balanced and controlled manner. By implementing these tips, you can foster a safer and more enjoyable gambling experience while minimizing the potential for harm. Remember, seeking assistance and support is a sign of strength, not weakness, if you ever find yourself struggling with gambling-related issues.

Seeking Help and Support

If you find yourself in need of guidance and support due to your involvement in betting or gaming activities, there are numerous organizations ready to provide assistance. Remember, reaching out for assistance is a courageous step toward addressing gambling-related challenges. These organizations are dedicated to your well-being and ensure confidentiality, so you can seek help without fear or judgment.

Please explore the resources available in your region or seek recommendations from healthcare professionals or support groups to find the most suitable assistance for your specific needs. Your journey to responsible gambling starts with recognizing the need for support and taking the initiative to seek it.

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Account Closure and Self-Exclusion

To close your BetAndreas account, kindly reach out to the Customer Support team. In most cases, there is an option to reopen your account if you wish to do so. However, if you request permanent closure, this decision will be honored without exception, and account reactivation will not be possible.

Self-Exclusion: Taking Control of Your Gambling

If you have concerns about your gambling habits and believe that you can no longer responsibly manage your time and spending with BetAndreas, the option of self-exclusion is available to you. Self-exclusion is a voluntary arrangement that restricts access to BetAndreas’ betting services for a predetermined duration, ranging from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 5 years. Additionally, there is the option of permanent self-exclusion.

Key Points to Consider with Self-Exclusion:

Complete Restriction: During the self-exclusion period, you will not have the ability to place bets or make deposits on the platform.

Irrevocable Decision: Please note that once you’ve initiated self-exclusion, this decision is final and cannot be altered. Account reactivation is not possible during this period.

Account Closure: To prevent any inadvertent use of the platform during self-exclusion, if any accounts registered in your name are detected, they will be promptly closed. BetAndreas is not responsible for any losses incurred due to the creation of new accounts while already self-excluded.

Withdrawal of Funds: If you have a remaining balance in your account when you request self-exclusion, you will still be able to withdraw these funds.

Updating Contact Information: It is essential to keep your contact details (address and telephone number) up to date to implement protective measures against the creation of new accounts with altered contact information. Failure to provide accurate or current data releases any responsibility for subsequent losses or situations arising from such actions.

BetAndreas are committed to responsible betting practices. The aim is to process your account closure or self-exclusion request as promptly as possible. However, please be aware that the timeline for actioning your request may vary depending on the communication channel used. Consequently, BetAndreas cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred by either party prior to the completion of the closure or self-exclusion process. Closure or self-exclusion becomes effective only upon receipt of confirmation from the Customer Support team that the account has been closed or self-excluded. If you discover that the account you requested to be closed or self-excluded is still accessible, please contact Customer Support immediately, and the matter will be addressed with the utmost urgency.

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Full Disclosure and Commitment to Transparency

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User Experience Disclaimer

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It is strongly recommended that users exercise discretion and responsibility when engaging with online casinos and gambling services. It is advisable to consult with legal professionals or seek appropriate guidance, especially when dealing with legal or regulatory matters related to online gambling. All guides and recommendations are intended to inform and entertain, but they should not replace specialized legal or professional advice.

Commitment to transparency and integrity of the company remains steadfast, and it is dedicated to providing readers with valuable insights and information while maintaining a clear distinction between role as an independent reviewer and the operators assessed by the company.

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